Welcome To The Terrordome bitches

Play this song and read this post.

Welcome to my new blog. Who am I? Nobody really. Irish. Born in ’82. Studied Psychology and Philosophy. Played music in London for years. Appeared on 6 Music, XFM, BBC Radio1, Record of the Day, Music Week and NME TV. Now working in Music PR and Management. And I was raised in the wild by wolves, true story.

This blog isn’t about discovering the “new cool thing”, which a lot of the time tends to just be shit. This blog is about discovering anything that is creatively innovative, exciting and, well,… good! New or old. Unsigned or popular. Visual or Auditory. I want it all. I want to seek out the most exciting and wonderful blemishes of art floating around in the world and shine a light of them and say “Hey, turn off your TV and look at this!” Your life is now going to be better. Sexy times.

Welcome To The Terrordome bitches

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