BBC Sound of 2013, Another Man’s Opinion

Almost every blog has had their say on the BBC Sound of 2013 List, with most championing Haim who came out on top. I hate to jump on the bandwagon but must admit the BBC Sound of List is something I always look forward to at the beginning of each year. It’s been about a fortnight now since it was all released and decided and I feel I have found four very interesting new acts as a result. I’m personally not in the Haim camp at the moment and, although there’s something very ‘LA cool’ about them, I wouldn’t say they are particularly innovative. Here are my chosen four from the BBC Sound of 2013 Longlist.

1. Palma Violets

I first heard these guys on Jools Holland before Xmas and my ears did prick up. Having been in a four-white-boys-with-guitars indie band for years, I now tend to be weary of these kind of bands. Mostly in the fear that they will play some Vaccines-esque drivel. But I like Palma Violets. It’s very rough and loose; and at its worst moments smells of The Libertines; but with the help of their organist and their Pistols-like screeches they win you over. Having only released a two track EP (or is that just a single with a b-side?) it’s their song ‘Best of Friends’ that has received the most hype but for me it’s the other tune ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ that tops it. Catchy retro song with a weird beginning and ending. Here’s the video…

2. King Krill

This kid’s interesting. He looks a proper little London street kid that would get his head kicked in for being too mouthy. But then you hear him; low gravely voice with sombre guitar licks and almost electro-beat timing on the choruses. He used to be known as Zoo Kid, but is now reborn as King Krule. The least attractive thing about him is he went to that god-awful Brit School that everyone bangs on about (like Fame but instead of giving us Leeroy, it gave us Jessie fuckin’ J). The most attractive thing about him is in this tune ‘Rock Bottom’ he repeats the chorus of the Streets’ song ‘Empty Cans’ in the last four bars, how cool is that! Fair dews to him. (P.s. What’s with cactus-face??)

3. Chvrches

As an aged musician myself it’s nice to see that the two guys in this three-piece are not ’24 years old’ like almost everyone else on the list. Chvrches are from Glasgow and play good intelligent electro. With every music mogul and his mother telling us that guitar music is “coming back” in 2013 don’t get sucked in and forget about a great band like Chvrches. Stick it on at your next house party after your third double vodka, you’ll enjoy it…

and finally 4. AlunaGeorge

Honestly, out of the four acts I’ve chosen this is the one I may end up not being a fan of, but this one tune is very good and the video is awesome. It’s one of those situations where the video compliments the music so much that it makes you enjoy the song more. Apparently it was the video of another one of their songs ‘You Know You Like It’ that was the big internet hit but this one shits all over that. AlunaGeorge consists of the girl singing (strangely enough) and the white guy who is the only one who doesn’t dance. I like that.

BBC Sound of 2013, Another Man’s Opinion

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