Check out… Gin in Teacups

A great place to find new music in the style of a good ol’ intimate acoustic session is here at Gin in Teacups.

Gin in Teacups was set up two years ago by founders Fred & Ginger to bring acoustic sessions of ‘under the radar’ acts to the masses. That’s quite a tall order but with an initial interview and acoustic session with Carl Barat, ex-Libertines singer, they got off to a great start. They continued on to film and interview some interesting acts such as Kurran and the Wolfnotes, Little Comets, Life in Film and now-defunct band The Jude (ahem..). Now they have the pleasure of having sessions with Mercury Award-winning act Alt-J and the newly critically-acclaimed Andy Burrows under their belt. Admittedly there are a few clangers on there (I’d advise against watching the Howling session at all costs) but all in all this is a great site and deserves the attention it is starting to achieve. Fellow East-Londoners may have noticed this massive mural of theirs in recent weeks….   Well done Fred & Ginger!


I’ll leave you with this awesome Gin in Teacups session with Alt-J, enjoy.

Check out… Gin in Teacups

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