Do you know your graffiti?


This is some graffiti that I recently saw near Camden Town and I have to say I’m slightly intrigued. As opposed to someone just leaving their tag, this graffiti seems to have had some thought put into it as it is quite specific to the Specsavers poster it is graffitied on. In particular the green lines to the left hand side that form a symbol are exactly the same shade of green as the Specsavers logo. Do you know this graffiti artist? Have you seen this graffiti near Camden Town, or anywhere else for that matter?


It seems that graffiti has become somewhat commercial these days; what with the art of people like Banksy and Mr. Brainwash being sold for thousands, and even a film on these guys being nominated for an Oscar (Exit Through the Gift Shop). So surely there will be some sort of reaction to this, new graffiti artists shunning the commercialism and trying to regain the days of the Obey Andre symbol (see left) with new interesting thought-provoking art. Could this Specsavers artist be one such person? Or is just a coincidence that he had the same shade of green…

Do you know your graffiti?

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