Something New: Bastille

Bastille have been around for the past year, dropping singles in the lead up to their highly-anticipated debut album Bad Blood which was released this month. However, I feel like I haven’t given them the attention they deserve; because a particular video was brought to my attention this week that really made me sit up and listen. That video was from the hugely-popular (and deservedly so) Mahogany Sessions blog and showcased Bastille performing a stripped-down version of new single Pompeii. If you haven’t seen this already, sort your shit out…

The story of Bastille’s origins reminded me a little of Spry, who I reviewed a few weeks back. Originally the solo project of Dan Smith, Bastille eventually grew into the full quartet that exists now. The name comes from Bastille Day, the day Dan Smith was born. After slowly climbing the charts with their first four singles, their album Bad Blood debuted at number one in the UK charts at the beginning of this month.

Listening to the album, it feels like Bastille have really hit on something that’s been missing from the music scene. They have successfully avoided aligning themselves as either an indie guitar band or an electro act. They’re somewhere inbetween, just comfortably playing their own unique style of music. And more importantly they have the songs to back it up, so it’s not just a case of style over substance. For me, certain times have certain sounds. When I think of the mid 90s, I think of Britpop; the early 2000s remind me of The Strokes and The Libertines; and when I think of the mid noughties I hear the music of Arctic Monkeys and Amy Winehouse. I think in ten years time Bastille could be one of the acts people think of when remembering music at this time. Let’s revel in it while it’s here.

All the latest on Bastille can be found at

Bastille’s Pompeii and many other artists’ acoustic sessions can be found at

Something New: Bastille

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