Return to the Silver Screen

It seems there’s something happening with regards to how people want access to their music and movies. In the past decade we’ve all got used to free downloading and streaming, telling ourselves it’s a “grey area” of the law (with many not really caring about its legibility). But there’s a new wave of thought that it’s become too easy to access music and movies this way, and essentially it has devalued these forms of art that we love so much. In regards to music, there is currently a big revival in vinyl sales. People are prioritising the sound quality of their favourite artists on vinyl over the ease, and free cost, of MP3 downloading. And likewise, in regards to movies, people are slowly returning to the cinema to watch new releases and old classics on the silver screen. Two particular recommendations I would give for cinemas in London are the Rio cinema in Dalston (pictured), and the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square.

Both of these cinemas play the best new releases as well as old classics. Today sees the Prince Charles cinema show a special Bank Holiday screening of the entire Back to the Future trilogy. The Prince Charles in particular has numerous special events like this, such as ‘Quote-Along’ screenings of Anchorman, Sing-a-long Grease screenings, and even a recent all-nighter marathon of John Hughes movies. This quirky cinema has even taken to hiring cinema ‘ninjas’ to combat annoying audience members who talk or use their mobiles during movies! These cinemas deservedly have some famous fans as a result, Quentin Tarantino had this to say back in 2003 when Kill Bill was released…

This Easter weekend also saw the Rio cinema in Dalston play another old favourite, psychedelic children’s classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The Rio is a regular source for the best new independent cinema too. It is soon to screen Harmony Korine’s new film Spring Breakers. Korine is possibly best-known for bursting onto the Hollywood scene in 1995 with his shocking and uncomfortable screenplay for Kids, before moving into directing. For Spring Breakers, Korine has purposely cast a cutsey Disney-esque alumni including Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens as college party girls turned balaclavaed criminals. In additon James Franco is cast in the unrecognisable role of a criminal thug rapper. As Selena Gomez wrote on her Facebook, this movie is not for her ‘littles’. Check out this awesome trailer for the movie, although a little Skrillex played over any trailer is going to be cool…

All listings and special events for the Rio and the Prince Charles cinemas can be found at and respectively. See you there.

Return to the Silver Screen

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