We Ain’t Gonna Work on Maggie’s Farm No More…

Margaret Thatcher died yesterday on 8th April 2013. She was the first woman Prime Minister of Britain, and the longest serving Prime Minister of the 20th Century. And these are accolades that she will be deservedly remembered for, but she had a shit load of enemies – from the coal-mine workers of the UK, to protesters of the Falklands War, to the Northern Irish. Her death has seen some extreme reactions in London, with arrests taking place in Brixton at ‘celebration parties’. Celebration parties? For a woman’s death, really? Yes, she was staunchly right-wing, and liberals criticised her for tearing apart certain communities and industries in 1980s Britain. She ultimately tried to bring an ‘anti-Socialist’ every-man-for-himself pre-WWII attitude into a modernised Britain and many would now agree that she failed… spectacularly. So what did people say at the time? Here’s some classic songs from the 1980s inspired by Thatcherite Britain and the Iron Lady…

…. and a great film to watch about all this is This is England; dealing with how unemployment, the Falklands and immigration affected people in Thatcherite England. It’s a tough watch but well worth it. And for fans of the follow-up This is England TV series, I met director Shane Meadows last week and he confirmed that there will be a third series – entitled This is England ’90. Again moving away from the original film’s racism themes, he told me that the third series of the TV show will see the Shaun, Woody and crew watching Italia ’90 and “doing a lot of ecstasy”. Before we get too excited about that though, here was Meadows’ view of the 80s back in 2006 –

We Ain’t Gonna Work on Maggie’s Farm No More…

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