….And the Livin’ is Easy


What in God’s name is that thing in the sky over Dalston? Yeah I can confirm, it’s a sun. Sweet, like all Londoners, you must do the following now –

1. Throw on your clothes and run out of the house. Don’t worry about your keys or brushing your teeth, just get out before the sun leaves. Note: By ‘clothes’ I mean something to cover your junk. Shirts and shoes are not essential.

2. Stop into the first newsagent or offy to get some drinks, nothing too fancy – keep it to cans or bottles. If you forgot your wallet rushing out of the house and have no cash or card, then do a simple smash-n-grab and shout “I’ll pay ya later” while running out the door. Note: Don’t worry about the granny in the doorway blocking your way. Bitch in the way, then bitch going down.

3. Descend on your nearest park, finding a spot that will get covered by a shadow hours from now. Find your ipod/radio/phone (surely, you remembered something leaving the house!) and stick on some tunes. Here are my recommendations for a sunny summer feel, including the much-hyped preview of new Daft Punk track Get Lucky

….And the Livin’ is Easy

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