Sun Day

Sunny sundays, you gotta love ’em. Here are some tunes to chill out to for the long weekend; first up is Cayucas. Pretty much every sound from these guys just drips of ‘summer’ and then they go and write a song called A Summer Thing. Warning: You may implode with happiness while listening to this.

I don’t know why but sunny days in London recently get me thinking of old 90s hip hop tunes like these muthalickers – Back by Dope Demand by King Bee and, every girl’s favourite song, Salt n Pepa’s Push It.

And just to keep it a bit old skool, here’s a classic from John Lennon’s solo days. I would say it’s from his best solo album, that being Mind Games. Freeda Peeple!

By the way, for any East London folk, I recommend Birthdays in Dalston as a good spot to hang out tonight. Open ’til 4am, whoop!

Sun Day

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