Something New: Blood Cultures & More

Blood Cultures is a man, one of those dudes using the ‘mystery’ angle. I like his style, pretty cool tune too.

Alice Boman’s Waiting is the best song I’ve heard in ages, I am in love with this song. So much so that I sent Ms. Boman a gushing email about how I can help her with any PR representation she might need in the UK. Needless to say, no word back….

Tony Dancer on the other hand seems cool, she’s all about retweeting and the likes. This video recently won a UK Music Video Award. I’m properly intrigued by her. Yeah alright, I fancy her…

Crushed Beaks are a great new band, playing at a Moshi Moshi night on Wednesday in London.

And lastly, one that came up on my radar through NME of all places, reminds me of when I first heard Nirvana though. Yes his voice is ridiculously Cobain-esque but is that a bad thing? Answer: No, it isn’t.

Something New: Blood Cultures & More