Kate Tempest Signs to Big Dada

16-everybody-down-2Kate Tempest is an artist I’ve been hoping will break for a time. She is well-known on the music circuit but it feels like her moment still hasn’t ‘arrived’. Not until now that is. Having just signed to Big Dada, this could finally bring her to the forefront. I first came across her when she performed her unique mix of spoken word and rap backstage at Glastonbury a few years ago to a mesmerised Zane Lowe and co. Here’s Cannibal Kids –

She then went on to form/join (I’m not quite sure) a group called Sound of Rum, who continued to showcase Tempest’s lyrical creations against a backdrop of sparse low-fi guitar and drums. I was lucky enough to catch them at Standon Calling in 2011. How were they? I was laying down hungover during the first song, and sat upright and enthralled by the last.

There has been no activity in the Sound of Rum camp since summer 2012, when they apologised for not turning up to BoomTown. Apparently they hadn’t even been officially asked regardless of rumours saying otherwise, and didn’t know they were ‘supposed’ to be playing until they were texted by friends on the day! In any case, Sound of Rum seemed to fade away with no official goodbye ever being announced.

But… she’s back. This time on her own. Well, I say she’s back; she probably never went away but damn it’s good news to hear about her signing to Big Dada and to hear some new material from her. Take a listen below and cross your fingers that Kate Tempest will be a permanent fixture on the music scene for some time to come. By the way, did I mention that her influences include Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, WB Yeats and Wu Tang Clan. That’s good enough for me.


Kate Tempest Signs to Big Dada