I May Have Misheard You…


No, it seems I didn’t. You did say Kanye West is playing Glastonbury, well now.

After two minutes of thought, I think this is going to be really exciting. It is only a matter of time before someone starts a petition to have West removed from the Saturday headline slot of Glasto 2015 (which will make no difference whatsoever) and the chances are Yeezy will triumphantly prove all the naysayers wrong. I sound like a big fan as I say that; allow me to clarify, I think Kanye West is a complete moron. Can’t stand the guy’s personality but, like many, I recognise his musical talent. And I’m probably slightly intrigued and irritated in equal measures by his personality. He seriously needs to quit trying to give awards to BeyoncĂ© though, what the fuck is that about?

Here’s an example of how he can take a mummified Beatle and a slapper and still make a pretty good tune.

I May Have Misheard You…