The Great Escape 2015


Well that was an amazing weekend, the Great Escape delivered again. Enough music and alcohol will tend to do that I guess. Here’s my round-up of some of the highlights of TGE15 – some I saw myself, some I heard great reports about.

The best gig I saw personally was Mapei at the Coalition on Saturday night. Mapei proves to be quite a diverse artist, meandering between rap verses and belting out big choruses. She ended with his best known track Don’t Wait –

The Coalition also saw Ibeyi perform on the Thursday night. And apparently their mother was there and dancing away to her twin daughters’ songs; not to mention this track where she appears in the video…

One band that was getting a lot of buzz around the festival was Nothing But Thieves, here’s their track Itch. What do you reckon?

On the Friday night we hung out at the Spindle Magazine x Firetrap party and caught some strong acts including Bloom Twins, Sunflower Bean and Dry the River. Confusingly we couldn’t figure out if Dry the River were just getting better throughout their set or were we getting drunker. You decide.

The Great Escape 2015